“The Road Less Travelled By”

Interesting how something you might have read about over 10 years ago may be inspiring at the present moment (poem in 10th grade).

You get used to a pattern of doing particular runs in particular places but really, what is keeping you from trying something new? Is it for convenience? Is it because you feel more secure going on these particular routes?

From my perspective, a combination of both is the answer but lately, trying new routes have turned out to open so many more and also, made me more confident in trusting my internal GPS.

From my perspective, the more routes are discovered, the more we start appreciating how big our backyards are, how we can trust ourselves and how much we have been missing in the past.

(I must admit, I speak a lot for myself here) Fear seems to be leading us a lot these days and why should we allow the fear to even control us in what we enjoy doing? You get bored with your running paths? Why don’t you try a new one and see what comes out of it?

Trust yourself, own that decision and just keep going forward with it. The worst thing that can happen is that you may have to go back on your own steps in order to go forward again. That is called a learning opportunity and it will make a difference in your run and … maybe even in your life if you try a new path in some other aspect it.

Have you tried anything new lately? What does motivate you to get yourself out there and just “bite the bullet”?


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