Time Goes By … so fast!

21949772_706498846220736_8082725274065524425_oSeems like a lot has happened since my last blog. Three weeks, a sprint duathlon, a 5k race and a cyclo-cross race ago.

Seems like its 3-2-1 go all of the time, which I find both stimulating and fun. Feels good to push the machine sometimes. Lots of learning opportunities. Like if you are racing a competitive field, don’t stay with the troop in front when they are doing a 3:20km. Although that pace may be feeling good for the first 100 metres or so and manageable for maybe 1–2 kilometres for myself, it is good to slow down a bit and allow them to go. Allow you to do your own racing against the clock. Stay realistic and consider the environment too.

From that on, if you are going to do a cross race at the other end of Ottawa (which is not advisable), it is important to fuel and hydrate properly. This past weekend was about training races so it was a good time to test out some new forms of fuelling for racing, which I will be speaking of in some coming videos or blog (haven’t decided yet).

Take care of your body and it will take care of you. Even though I have raced a lot, I have also been paying attention to the multiple messages that my body may be giving me. Resting is key even though in the past couple of weeks the hot evenings have not made that simple. It is important to breathe, take it easy when you need to, which is more often than you would think, which will allow you to push when you need to.

It’s all of a balancing act. Pushing 100% every day will drain you, it will not train you. Remember that. Remember also to have fun in what you are doing, put a purpose to your training.

Is it about being healthy? Is it about getting out of your comfort zone? Or is it more tangible like achieving a certain time for a certain distance. It is good to be specific but it is also important to remember that the journey is just as important as the goal. Have fun in what you do, love what you do and who knows what will happen.

Hope you have a great weekend, take care of yourselves, get out of your comfort zones, repeat … and for all of the others that may be tapering for a race, remember that less is more 😉.

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