Who am I?

Very driven, competitive and enjoy pushing my limits. I started running at 16 years old when I got a dog named Joey. He was a black lab.

I run, bike and sometimes swim. I have a full Ironman and a couple of half Ironmans under my belt in addition to many running races.

I have run three marathons so far: Cornwall Marathon in 2018, Boston Marathon in 2019 and Boston Marathon in 2021 and am looking forward to be doing so much more.

When the pandemic started, I started to do more cross-country skiing in the winter and had to recycle myself as a physical education teacher. To this date, this is the most challenging job I have ever had so far and I found that cross-country skiing is such an amazing cross training opportunity for me to enjoy the outdoors in the winter.

I love commuting on my bicycle, going for long bike rides on the weekend and above all, love running. I find that being active outside to be my own therapy. It helps me manage stress, puts me in a right state of mind to read and teach.

I was in the world of horsemanship for twenty years and have changed my focus. As much as I love horses, I had to make a choice to either focus on endurance sports such as triathlons and marathons or choose to stay with horses. Something had to go because I was burning the candle at both ends.

Sometimes you have to make choices in your life to find balance and what is right is not the easiest thing to do. Although it was hard, that was the best decision I have made so far in my life.

It has allowed me to meet so many other people, learn from so many other people and also, has allowed me to help others have a more active lifestyle.

I am looking forward to be racing again, to live new experiences and start living again outside of my comfort zone. I need to break my pattern and start doing things again.

Looking forward to be part of a new chapter.

October 16, 2021