A Whole New World

If you are big on Disney Movies, just like me and are a kid from the ’80s or earlier or have some kids from that time, you may start having the Aladdin song in your head.

With that being said, it does bring to mind to think of a whole new world of possibilities. Opening your mind to new ideas and new projects. This coming fall is no different. Meeting new people at new places, building bridges and getting things done; investing time in planting seeds, to grow into future projects and crossing the edges of my comfort zone; opening my mind to other perspectives and above all, getting inspired by my environment.

Why get out of your comfort zone? Why not? It opens your mind to other possibilities and learning opportunities. How did I cross the line? I started by participating to all of the Run Ottawa free 5k races. After that, I took the opportunity to register to the coming duathlon race this weekend, which is organized by triathlon esprit of Montreal. I love this event, because it is organized by great people, consider doing it at some point. Bonus points: it is a fast course. Add to that, pace bunny duties at the army run next weekend and Emilie’s run the following. Good thing that they are all short distance races. All of them, great testing and training opportunities.

This may seem a lot for some of you and well, I will not hide the fact that it is a lot and a lot of people could get hurt if they are not properly prepared for it.

The good news is that you don’t need to do that much of a drastic change for you to open yourself to a world of new opportunities. You can try and commit to doing something on a daily basis that you know you can maintain like taking 10–15 minutes a day of dynamic stretching. I know that I am committed to that. Simple yet effective. On the professional side of things, try and meet new people to enlarge your networking circle. Possibilities are limitless when you open your mind and stop judging.

On that, happy training and good luck on your races if you are racing this weekend!

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