Becoming the student


Heart rate variability … could be a subject that we can speak of for more than a single page of blogging and it has been spoken of in one of my past blogs. Heart rate variability is a good indicator of how you are doing emotionally, mentally and physically. It also demonstrates how you are connected to your breath. How you are breathing will affect how your heart is doing. Hold that breath and your heart rate will be going all over the place. Start hyperventilating and again, you will be losing your coherence, you will be disconnected to your heart, disconnected to your own body and remain in a flight or fight state.

Why I am writing about heart rate variability and the flight or fight state in your body is because in the past months or maybe couple of years, my heart has not been coherent. With my “type A” personality and lifestyle (running all over the place), taking the time to just sit down and do nothing has not been much of an option until now.

Someone shed some light on how my heart rate variability was doing in October, it was obvious that stress was a big obstacle in my life and the numbers were not lying. This is when the focus started to change, taking care of myself by working on mobility started becoming a priority. It seems although that even if positive changes were happening, that was not enough.

It seems like there was a need for me to disconnect and that is what happened. Meditation started to become part of my life by following some yoga classes. By becoming the student, my body was able to do one thing, focus on total relaxation and on breathing.

Isn’t it interesting how one simple thing such as changing how you are breathing and putting your own body and practice in someone else’s hands can help you relax?

Relaxing may seem so simple yet so hard to do for so many. How about emptying your mind and staying in the present moment at least once a week? It may seem like nothing much but sometimes, going out and giving the reins of control to someone else may be just what the doctor ordered.

On that, happy training and happy relaxation,

Namaste 😉

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