Movement number 1 in the functional movement screen: The Deep Squat



Squatting seems like it is such a simple movement pattern that you would be using to strengthen your legs and so on but it is so much more than that.

When screening an individual, we require the individual to press a dowel overhead with the deep squat. A poor score in the squat pattern can mean many things. It can be related to poor upper body mobility; it can also be related to lower extremities including limited dorsiflexion in the ankles for my part or even be related to poor stability and motor control.

The squat is a great exercise not only strength-wise but also mobility-wise. If you use something to help yourself squat low and stabilize, there are many things that you can be working on while squatting. For one, you can stretch your thoracic spine, which, from my experience is a great limiter that I personally see in many people. For two, it can help improve flexion in hips, knees and ankles.

When I squat low with the help of a post to help me stabilize, I find that this makes my body feel better. Remember to respect your own body and just appreciate your own range of motion in the squat pattern,

In the bottom line, a great screening tool may also become a great way to help your body find its optimal range of motion. Try the squat pattern and see for yourself how it will help you reconnect to your body!


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