Functional movement number 4: Active Straight-Leg Raise Movement Pattern

Must be simple right? Keep one knee connected to the base of the platform under it and raise your leg as high as you can while keeping your ankles in dorsiflexion. That test is a great way to test hamstring mobility right? That is not its only purpose. The elevation of the leg requires pelvic and core control and the ability to stabilize one leg while the other one is moving in its optimal range of motion. One side informs us about how the posterior chain is doing and the other side informs us on how the anterior chain is doing while at the same time informing us on how our core stability (pillar) is doing.

Interesting isn’t it? Having so much information in one simple movement? Now the question is about how do we improve that pattern? Static stretching is not the solution that we are speaking of today. You can do many things to improve that pattern like practising knee extension while lying down or even standing up. Finding your optimal range of motion in the hips transfers to your sport and helps you stay away from injury. Try including some exercises in your routine that will help you improve your overall hip mobility and core strength. It will help you improve your posture and also help you stay away from injury!


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