Movement Number 4: Shoulder Mobility Movement Pattern and Clearing Test


Requires reciprocal upper extremity shoulder movement, which means that both of the arms are moving at the same time in order to do the pattern. The hands should be in a fist (and remain during the whole movement pattern) during the movement, which involves the lower shoulder to go through internal rotation and adduction and the upper shoulder to go through flexion and external rotation. Ideally, to pass the test, your fists should be within one hand length. The clearing test requires the individual to put one hand on the opposite shoulder (and perform on each side) in order to see if there is pain. If there is pain, it is best to refer to a specialist.

It is to the individual’s advantage to have a good thoracic mobility and a good posture in order to perform well in that test. Working on both will help out improving the results of this test. One great way to help out could be as simple as doing snow angels on a foam roller or working on thoracic extensions on a stability ball, for example.


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