Don’t Be Hasty

Spring has finally come and the days are getting longer and warmer. It feels so good to be outside, enjoying the fresh air. Every time you spend inside you think of going outside. Anyway, that is how my mind works. We want to do what we enjoy doing the most. Some of us may be cycling, some of us may be running or it may just be all of the above.

The thing we have to be careful is about doing too much too soon. If you are on strava (an application that compares everyone’s data bases and informs us if we did a course record or if we have beaten our personal record, pretty cool concept in my books), you may want to start reclaiming some course records and really push yourself and even get to become the king of the mountains.

What you need to remember is that for every day that you get out of your comfort zone and push the limits of your speed, you need to have an easier day. If you keep trying to get faster and faster all the time, you will start draining yourself instead of training your body to new strengths. Remember that Stress+Rest = Success.

With the nice weather coming out, your volume of training may be increasing on your bicycle or on the run. Remember that it is still important to move well enough first to help you stay away from overuse injuries. Trust me, those are not fun. With the right exercises for you, your rides and your runs may also be more comfortable since well you become more connected to your body.

Remember, when increasing your volume of training, don’t be hasty, take the time it takes and you will get there. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Get out there and happy training!

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