Anything you want to do is possible

“Anything you want to do is possible; fear is not meant to prevent but to motivate your heart into the life you naturally think is improbable.” (Craig Stone)

As I go through my books at home and want to go through the “movement” (from Gray Cook) again, I quickly sift through the pages to make sure nothing is in there to find out this quote, written on a paper bag from bridgehead by myself.

It is interesting how things appear at some key moments in time. At some point, there will be a time when you have the opportunity to make choices and go through different paths. Some of them you might have never thought of as probable.

A lot of it can be related to fear, “an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm”. Where is the harm really? Is there really harm in trying something that you may not know the outcome in the short and long term?

Change can be so hard at times. The key word is that it has to come within. The new years’ resolutions are coming up soon and people are starting to make some unreasonable goals in order to bring health back into their lives. On the other side, some people are afraid of getting injured on their way to fitness because they no longer have good knees and so on (there is a way to fix this).

How about instead making the goal to start moving well into the new year, focusing on yourself into helping you become more connected to your movements? More connected to your body? The goal is not about moving perfectly well but more about moving well enough to stay away from injury before you start training at a higher level.

We all see some of our leaders in the fitness industry doing awesome things. In yoga you see some people doing some pretty cool movements. In horseback riding you see that person riding without a saddle. On the bicycle, you see that person riding hands free on the rollers.

Some of it can be within reach if you make the decision to take a step back and work on your foundation in your movement patterns. The interesting thing is that if you start shedding some light on your weak links and start addressing them it may not even take that much time before you start leaping forward into what you really want to do.

If you ignore your weak links for a long time and start getting stronger on top of dysfunction, you are only getting your dysfunctional movement patterns even stronger, you hit save on a “bad document” that will take longer to fix in the future. You start building more obstacles.

If your starting point in fitness seems like starting to move well is too big of a mountain, fear not, just by addressing one step at a time, you will see positive change. It is never too late to become good better and best, all you need to focus on is progress, no matter how slow it may be. Pay attention to the small gains, they will become bigger gains in the long run!

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