Using Data For Training and to Prevent injury

From my experience, I have dealt with many injured athletes that were looking to get back into their sport. In the past, I was giving the green light according to how movement quality would be improving. If there was presence of pain or not.
A lot of people, including myself, get impatient when they get injured. They wish to go back to their sport as soon as possible and wish to succeed. I found it really hard to let people know that they were not ready to go back to their sport when all I had was my experience in the sport industry and training. A lot of the time people ask when will they be able to go to their sport and that is a hard thing to foresee. One of my previous athletes in volleyball kept going back even if I told her to hold on coming back and to focus on getting rid of the pain and building a strong foundation. The last thing I remember telling her was that she will be able to return to her sport when she will be able to do a side plank pain free. Seems simple right?
At this moment it would have been really good if I were able to let her know where she was in her training foundation and where she needed to be according to data to be able to return to her sport injury free. I would have had data to back me up as well as my experiences.
Part of the industry is always about learning, self growth and finding tools to help you and your clients progress. In the past year, the focus has been on learning about the functional movement screen and the Y-Balance test as you all probably know if you have been following me.
Those tests have been really beneficial for me and my clients but I knew that we were only scratching the surface. I understood how the data worked but now it was time for me to invest on a new software called move2perform.
Move2perform uses an evidence based approach and helps us understand better where our clients are in their training but mostly, they tell us if our athletes have a good foundation on functional movement patterns and if they are more susceptible to injury than their counterparts. If our clients have gotten injured within the last 12 months but were cleared from their physiotherapist or doctors to start training, that does not mean that they are necessarily ready to return to sport. Move2perform reports help us knowing if the athlete is ready to go back to their sport without risking getting injured again.
Are you ready to return to sport? Do you want to avoid taking some time off from your sport because of injury? Having a strong movement foundation without major movement asymmetries is key in order to stay healthy in your sport and strong. You are only a few tests away to shed some light on what needs to be worked on in order to keep doing what you love. Are you willing to take the time now to help yourself stay out of injury?

You can see about our services at the following linkMove2Perform-Soccer-Flyer.jpg

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