Race Ready? OH YEAH!

With the big Ironman Mont-Tremblant coming, lots of people are getting excited or getting butterflies in their stomach. It is that big day for you? Will you be doing the unthinkable: swim 3.8km, bike 180 km and run 42.2km? Sounds like quite an accomplishment and it takes me back to my full Ironman in Lake Placid in 2014.

Most of you have trained all year in order to get ready for the event. You have gotten up early to go for that swim workout, that run or that cycling session. You have spent countless hours on the bike on the weekends prior to the race in order to be ready and have combined it with some level of running.

With less than 72 hours away from the race, rest is key. There is nothing you can do better than rest before this big event. Do you really want the race to be over now? Isn’t it what drives you forward?

The question is why? Why would you want the race to be over so quickly? You have invested so much time and money for that particular day. Some people may even call it vacation. Wouldn’t you want your vacation to last so much more time than you intend it to last? How do you make it last? How do you stay present and appreciate every moment of it? Getting in the zone will get you to the finish line.

When you enter into the water and start swimming, think of your stroke, think of your breathing and think of your kicking. Live in the present moment. Everyone around you is entering this journey and will go through what you are going through. There is no prize money for most of the racers but your gift is about being able to swim and have finished this part strong.

As the times comes to exit the water, and run or walk to the transition, focus on that pedal stroke, remember to fuel regularly and hydrate. This is what will get you go through it. I know that preparing my own food for the race has made it so much more enjoyable for me. Not only did it taste great, I had no stomach issues and it made the eating/fueling part so much more enjoyable. Find out what makes you tick and stick to it.

And now, the last leg (pun intended) as you get to the running part. First of all, give yourself a pat on the back, you have accomplished 180 km of cycling and not many people can say that. Take a nanosecond to appreciate that fact. Hydrate, fuel, put that bib number race belt if you haven’t done so already and go for it. The last part of the race, is my favourite; ah the running. One step at a time and if you keep on the nutrition and hydration plan, you will get through this. I find that having chicken broth is so awesome during the running, the salt feels so good and allows you to rehydrate!

Whatever your time is, think about the journey that made you get there. Appreciate that you were able to do it and every moment of it, however good or bad it might have been. I cannot believe I am saying that but it’s not just about the time, it’s about the fact that you were able to do it and that you got out of your comfort zone and grew from your experience. You believed in yourself when you registered. Now, believe in yourself that you can do this and be thankful that you are able to go through this unbelievable journey because not everyone can.

IMG_0335Good luck on your races this weekend and remember to live in the moment.

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