Mobility and Self Massage

Sometimes feel like you are stuck in your body?

  1. Do you have trouble sitting comfortably on the ground?
  2. Are you a runner with tight hips?
  3. Are you a cyclist with tight hips?
  4. Are you a swimmer with tight shoulders?
  5. Might I say, all of the above and some more?

This class is for you. We will be taking the time to release some tension in both muscle and fascial tissue. You will be gaining some knowledge on how to help you improve your mobility and you will have someone there for you to help you and motivate you in the process.

We will be using a lot of different tools to help you improve your mobility:

  • Blocs
  • 2X4, I am not joking
  • dowels
  • small balls
  • foam rollers

If you wish to gain more out of this class, I also suggest you to get a 30-minute appointment with myself, Véronique Roberts to do a quick functional movement screen or a return to sports readiness assessment which includes the functional movement screen and the evaluation of your balance (1h). This will allow me to get to learn more about you and your needs before the classes start. 

You can contact me if you want more information about this class.