Leaving an imprint

36847087651_e74fdd99a7_oYou would think that countless running or working on your cardio would make you a better runner or a better endurance athlete.

You are right: running will make you a better runner … if you do it right and if you train smart. Running is more than just running. In order to be able to run a lot, you need to be healthy first and to build up your mileage.

More miles on a weekly basis is our number one priority … or should it be? How is your posture? How many hours of sleep do you have on average per night?

Can you stand on one foot for more than a minute? If not, what do you think happens if you are unstable in a stable environment and you get to test yourself on an unstable environment (such as running) without the foundation of stability?

Our posture and our stability … we are creatures of our own habits. What we do all day will transfer to your running … to your life. If you go for a quick lunch run, what do you skip doing most of the time? Warm up and cool down … right?

Here are a couple of questions for you:

  • Are your calves jammed up and keep you from running more comfortably?
  • How are your hamstrings or quadriceps? Do they cease up towards the end of a run, at your chair at work or at night after a particular workout?
  • Have you ever had to back out of a race because of an injury?

What you do before and after your main set of intervals is just as or even more important than the intervals themselves.

Proprioception, body awareness, core connection are things that we need to work on in order to be able to push our bodies out of its comfort zone … and minimize its chances of injuring it.

Pushing your limits isn’t just about pushing your limits at the extent of getting injured. In order to be able to push your limits in your sports, you have to first find what your weakest link is on the mat, in a safe and stable environment. It’s like building a pyramid. Without a strong foundation, your pyramid will fall.

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