Feeling the love

Tuesday, January 30th I arrive to work to see a happy 30th birthday banner on the wall. I was surprised and very happy to feel all of the love in the room.

On Monday, January 29th, I entered a new decade in my life. I turned 30 and decided for the love of the sport and the love of training that I would try and encourage people to do activities 30 times as a way to wish me happy birthday which would motivate me to run 30k, swim 30X100m at the pool and do as many other things thirty times including 30 pull-ups and 30 pistol squats (which I must say was the most challenging part at the end of the day).

I did feel a great sensation of accomplishments after doing all of this but I felt happiest when I saw how many people around me are close to my heart. How many people I consider to be an important part in my life. I felt the love.

I feel grateful for what I have. Richness is not always measured in the amount of cash that you have in your bank account. I am very lucky to have a loving family. I have trouble believing that I have had the same group of people training with me for the last 6 years and they really kick butt and are so inspirational to me. I feel lucky with the relationship that I have with the people that I train and also very lucky to be meeting so many awesome new people. The people that I train are not only clients, my “bosses” are not only my “bosses”, they are part of my life.

I cherish every relationship that I have, may it be my training partners, my mentors, the people that I train, my yogini friends and the people that I work with. You guys are important to me and are part of my heart and my life.

May there be many other training years ahead and new challenges. I wish you to have a great year of growth and am looking forward to be seeing you guys on the mat, at races or anywhere else. 😉


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