Upside Down


I see this picture, I  see chin stand, peacock, hand stand and all of the above; upper body strength, core strength, determination, connection and balance come to mind.

The interesting part in this is that I do not practice the chin stand in order to being able to practice the chin stand. I do not practice the peacock on a regular basis in order to be able to do the peacock. That is is the icing. Everyone seem to be thinking of the icing when we should be thinking of the foundation.

Can you do a squat, a lunge, a push up, a plank? Can you hinge your hips at 90 degrees and still be able to keep your back stable? More precisely, can you hold a plank for more than 60 seconds? No matter how good the icing may be, any cake will be horrible if the cake itself isn’t good. The icing is the chin stand and the cake is your foundation. Your body is subject to more injuries when you try to do something that it is not ready for.

Why not get back to the basics and focus on what you know you can achieve right now and what seems to be unachievable presently may just become achievable when you understand how your body works.


I invite you to take a break from sitting and follow me in the one minute plank (or test your limits even more). This next video will lead you into doing a quality plank that you can build on top of.


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