I like Tomatoes

Why say this? This space is all about training and lifestyle…

If you really know me, you may be aware that I have hated tomatoes pretty much most of my life. It seems like there has been a mental shift. I used to avoid purchasing tomatoes when I grocery shop, give other people my cherry tomatoes when they were in salads at restaurants and just try and stay away from raw tomatoes all of my life unless it was my mama’s spaghetti sauce which means that the tomatoes were cooked😉.

With the years going by, I have decided to be open to the possibility of trying tomatoes here and there. It’s OK to hate something, just be open to the idea that your perspective may change and be open to try things even if you don’t want to (that became easier with time).

Some sort of shift started happening when I worked in a restaurant. I started tasting fresh cherry tomatoes from the farmer’s market but the state of mind of “I hate tomatoes” was still present. I told myself I would never buy fresh tomatoes…

This summer I went to California and had the opportunity to have all you can eat fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden that I would hand pick myself. Some were yellow, some were red and then there was the big ones, the scary tomatoes that I did not like with passion.

I must say, during that week I had never eaten that many tomatoes in my whole life (no exaggeration here). I was eating tomatoes for breakfast in a salad form with avocados, for lunch (the big ones) with cheese (towards the end of the week) or whatever was available and even sometimes for supper. The crazy part in this is that I enjoyed the freshness of the tomatoes and its sweetness. I was probably eating about two cups of tomato per day for 5 days … easily…

Now, what happened there and how can this transfer to exercise you will say? Interestingly enough, you have to be open to the possibility of seeing things through another perspective. There is absolutely nothing that is absolute. When you start something new, you may not be really good at it and you may even hate it, even if you know that it is good for you.

There are a few options here for you. For one, you may just quit and never try the activity (tomato) ever again or for two, you can give the activity a chance or even just be open to the fact that there may be a sport or a physical activity that you (will) enjoy.

I hate to break it to you but, there aren’t many things that do come easily, even if you are predisposed genetically to do a certain activity or sport. You may have good days or bad days in training and that is normal. Some days you will be able to get more out of your training and other days you may even need to just focus on rest. Now what does that mean?

I used to be a couch potato and enjoy spending all of my time in front of the television. That was way easier than opening myself to others and trying to make friends. A shift happened and then a light got ignited. I discovered my passion for movement and have decided to make it part of my life. I went from couch potato in kindergarten, to “push up queen” in high school to avid triathlete/runner and coach as an adult.

Things change and that is OK. My question for you is do you enjoy what you are doing in order to stay healthy? If not, what are you doing about it?

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