You Must Be Laughing A lot…

20525649_10159110378110704_5987425481533470888_n22290733_10159401145215704_1392997502_oThe other day when I was teaching a class of both mobility and posture, I kept making the joke that laughter can be good for your core muscles or might I add, can be good for your “six pack” knowing that it takes way more than that to build muscles. Everyone laughs in the group and then one of them responds with the following statement: “You must be laughing a lot then!”

Indeed, I did laugh about that response and it did inspire me to write about laughter and its effect on the body. There are many articles on it, I am not the specialist in laughter by all means, so you may find way more about it than me if you decide to do a bit of research on it.

Why do I enjoy making my clients laugh on a regular basis? It is said that laughter releases endorphins (happy hormones) which have a lot of positive impacts on the body. It is said that it helps relieve pain and helps with digestion (abdominal contraction that helps with intestinal transit) which is where I enjoy saying, it is good for your “six pack”, not that a “six pack” means that it is functional at all. Abdominal strength is way more than just having a “six pack”. It involves stability, transfer of force and posture. When you laugh, you get rid of tensions and stress which has a great influence on sleep. Therefore, if you have trouble sleeping, try considering consciously including laughter in your day, even if you think it may make you look crazy … if you think that way, try and include laughter even more, you are taking yourself way too seriously, seriously😉. Not only does laughter give you great energy, it also helps you strengthen your immune system.

When you think of it, a child will laugh a lot in a day. It is said that they may laugh 300 to 400 times a day. The adult is said to laugh 20 times a day only. That is a huge gap. I try to laugh on a regular basis and sometimes for no particular reason. I like to believe that I am feeding my inner child. When was the last time that you laughed out loud? When was the last time that you made a fool of yourself? Some people may not even remember when they did. I try to make a fool of myself every day and I don’t believe one bit that people hate me for it. Let us try to decrease the gap between adult and children and start laughing more. Start laughing with your children, start laughing with your animals (they will never judge you :P), start letting your inner goofy out and stop judging yourself (I know I can be the worst sometimes so this is applied to me as well).

I challenge you to post a goofy picture of yourself within the next week and I will be throwing the ball your way first. I dedicate this post to goofiness and to fun.


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