Getting Back Into It … the Fall Schedule

After a summer of running all over the place, from vacation to conferences, to training camps to work, it sure does feel good to get back into the routine. Focusing on my nutrition is easier, my training program is slowly increasing volume again and I feel like I am getting control over my scheduling.

The focus has been on getting organized in advance in order to maximize my schedule for the year to come. New adventures are happening here and you guys will be hearing about it soon enough.

With all my scheduling I have been doing for my work, I beg to question, have you guys ever taken the time to schedule time for yourselves? Have you taken time to take care of your body? The fall is a great moment for us to start focusing on the new season to start. Think of what worked, what did not work and try to readjust. How much time have you spent on helping your body reconnect to itself with corrective movement patterns?

I know I have not done much of it in the past month but it is a great thing to rethink of. Assess and think of exercises to include in your warm up to prime your body to move optimally. Sounds good now, does it?

Some of you may think that those exercises are easy but they are surely not useless. You are only as strong as your weakest link and if you keep ignoring the signs well, you will get injured in the long term and not be able to do what you love doing. It only takes 10–15 minutes before you go train to really start firing those muscles.

As a new schedule is starting in the fall, start thinking of what are your priorities, in your sporting life, at home, and all of the above? Remember to think of your health and to include resting in your schedule. It can be in the form of sleeping, meditation, stretching or even just reconnecting with your friends. A social life is important just as physical activity is, good nutrition and sleep.

Think of that, the next time that you have your agenda in front of you and take the time to take care of yourself. You are the priority!IMG_1729

Happy training!

4 thoughts on “Getting Back Into It … the Fall Schedule”

  1. Great post! Going into the Fall is going to be a busy time for me because I am continuing my part time job while also searching for full time work and I am also doing my 200 hour yoga instructing certification on weekends! I totally see the value of scheduling the me-time in as you mentioned. I wrote a post a few weeks back saying something similar about how I want to schedule me-time for self care that doesn’t feel so forced and compact. Good luck with your new Fall schedule!


  2. So I have been going through the same thought process, and reiterated some of my next steps for some self-care so I can keep training effectively and pain free. I spoke to you about this yesterday, but only read this blog this morning. lol. Coincidence? I wonder. All good stuff. Keep it up.


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