Seeking Help

We have all been there a time in our lives where we have felt that we were out of control. That sensation of helplessness and loneliness. There is the lonesome cowboy song that plays in the background. We know that things are not going quite the way that they are supposed to be going. Gaining a bit of weight here. Feeling that a certain movement pattern is out of reach. There are many things that may put us out of our game.

My question for you is: What are you doing about it? Are you ignoring your obstacles? Are you avoiding to look at the picture in front of you? Are you trying to attack this issue on your own or are you actually seeking out for some help?

What is wrong with getting the help from others? So, what if your ego is hit. Maybe it does need to be tackled from time to time.

I am a trainer and am working on making it my career. Movement patterns are what I live for, what makes me understand what is happening with myself and others. Some of them are harder for me and some of them are easier. That doesn’t keep me from being able to coach others.

How do I work on myself and get an objective point of view? Testing does work well. Seeking help from others works even better. I have had helped from others and it has given me other perspectives. It has helped me get the bigger picture of what is the issue.

I have been working on the wheel pose in Yoga and have found it difficult. Although I can muscle up the pose, I haven’t found the ease of doing it yet. Being an endurance athlete in the world of triathlon does not make it easy for me to have great shoulder and hip mobility. I asked my friend Phil after a yoga class for some help with the wheel and he has given me great ideas to help me work on it. The thing is, it’s not just about the wheel, it’s about so much more than just the wheel.

As a trainer, people expect me to have a certain image and assume that I am very knowledgeable in nutrition. I do understand all about nutrition, about the importance of vegetables and good amount of protein and carbs and so on. I have had my battles with nutrition and keep working on them. My energy levels were all-over the place because I was abusing on one thing: sugar…we are all addicted to it. The taste is…so sweet (pun intended). I communicated to a doctor and a nutritionist (dr Bishop’s clinic) to help me with my energy levels and they have helped me greatly. They brought me awareness of my addictions and now I am eating in a more balanced way. I don’t find the need to binge anymore on chocolate. They bring me accountability.

Are you ignoring your issues or are you doing something about it? Are you seeking help from others or do you feel like it is you against this world? Why not change the “I” to “we”? Why not start building your own team to help take care of yourself? You don’t have to be alone.

Happy training!

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