That little voice inside

You are a runner and are passionate about reaching your goals and follow to the “t” the planned interval training and push yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to become a better runner. On the other side of things, you are participating in a class and push yourself in order to show the teacher that you are capable of doing all of the exercises prescribed and more.

Does your gut feeling tell you to slow down some times? What if there is this voice behind of you that is telling you (yes you) that you should probably take a step back? Of course you decide to ignore it and do the exercise anyway. Right? Why do we do this anyway? Is it because we think that if we take a step back that we are going to fall behind? Is it because we want to please the coach?

Here is what is the coach telling you. You are where you need to be. There are times when you need to take it easy and there are times you really need to push yourself. We tend to go too hard on the easy workouts and not hard enough on the harder workouts. You need to listen to your body. Accept what is happening and perhaps adapt. Adaptation is such an important word. Communicate with the coach how you are feeling and how the workout is going in order for you both to adjust the exercise according to your needs to help you get stronger instead of draining or hurting yourself.

Do you listen to that little voice inside of you? Yes, some times it may be just that you are being lazy and that you need to get out there and at other moments, it may be a sign that you need to ”chill” and try having fun. It is important to know the difference.

Happy training and good luck on your races this weekend!


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