Humans, Creatures of Habits and Change

Try to cross your arms in front of your body and hang there for about a minute, now that you have done so, try and cross your arms the other way. Feels weird, right? That is because we are creatures of habit and when you have been used to be doing things a certain way, everything seems to be awkward when you start changing things. What you have been doing may or may not have been wrong but change and growth can be good.

Letting go of your ego and opening your mind for something new may just be what you are needing right now. Open your mind to another perspective, open your mind to get out of your comfort zone. Letting go of what is out of your control and concentrating on what you can do now is really what you can do. For myself, I find it hard to not get too attached to my goals. There is a fine line between getting out of your comfort zone and getting too far out of your comfort zone. The words realistic, timely, goal, journey comes to mind. Your goals should not go to the expense of the journey ahead. You are where you need to be right now.

Forget about where you want to be right now and think of where you are now and of what you can do now. Think about what you can realize at this moment and think of what you can achieve in the short term. Divide the bigger goal into smaller goals that will help you go through the process of getting there and enjoy it. There are moments that will be harder and that is where you need to take a step back and think, can I do this or do I need to readjust.

So many things to think of and then yet so many things to thrive for. Again, getting there is awesome but think of the process, think of the journey ahead. Are you living in the moment, enjoying the process or does it feel like you are hitting a dead end? Those dead ends are there to teach you something.

Ever heard of the saying “the darkest hour comes before dawn”? There are some obstacles that come and that is what helps us grow. Are we going to ignore and run away from those obstacles or are we going to get through them? Seeking help from professionals (physiotherapists, coaches, athletic therapists…) can help get through those obstacles. What you do is what you decide. What you need is not always what you want.

Are there any obstacles that you are living through and my question for you is what are you doing about them? Have you tried every possible solution, or are you there feeling sorry for yourself? Take control and keep on going forward!


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