Ideas, Challenges, Commitment and So On

Motivation, commitment, fun, strength, speed, mobility, stability, endurance… This is what comes to my mind when thinking of training. The one word that comes to my heart: Fun. If you are not having fun doing what you are doing then, why keep being stuck there? Really, why? Are you afraid of what will happen if you change something?

What is in it for you? Prize money? Conform to society? Lower your life insurance costs? History of health problems?

Why not think of it as training for the positive feeling that it brings inside of you? Training to fuel that heart and desir
e to get out of your comfort zone? Training to be able to try something new without your body being too much of a limiting factor? Training to have a good fundamental movement base in order for you to be able to do whatever you set your mind to do?

There is a spectrum of levels of motivation varying from no motivation to extrinsic motivation (chocolate bar, medal, certification of completion, strava course record) to intrinsic motivation (positive feeling associated to it regardless of the outcome, process, journey). Where we are in that spectrum really depends on who we are, on what kind of day that we are having, what we are doing and really, where we are at in our lives.

Extrinsic motivation is not bad in itself really, I call it icing on the cake. For you to truly commit to something you really need to find what you enjoy doing in order for you to commit to the training associated with it. Endurance sports, rock climbing, mobility, stability and strength training is for me, easy to commit to.

It is easy to commit to but it is also good to get out there and find training partners (to socialize and motivate us to get out of our comfort zone), find coaches (to inspire us, protect us from ourselves and motivate us to get out of our comfort zone) and even to register to challenges to be part of a community. Being part of a community is a great way to keep living a healthy lifestyle and to get out there. I registered to this fun challenge with corps-esprit studio in hull where we commit to 1 pose of yoga per day for 30 days and share the picture of the pose. It’s fun and also a great way to get to know other people.

Do you train alone? Do you have a sporting community? What does motivate you to keep training? There are no bad reasons why you are training, only different ones. If you are looking for help to find a group of people to train with and even to find a club, you can always email me and I will be more than happy to direct you to clubs, studios and coaches that are close to home.

Happy Training!


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