“’In order to perform, I need to push my body out of my comfort zone to get stronger right? I have to work hard all the time to lose weight…“

Sounds familiar?

Those are some thoughts that some may have had when they relate to their sport or their health goals.

What we forget, me amongst people, is that STRESS + REST = SUCCESS. Recovery is part of the training and that is why I am appreciating more and more the “easy” workouts and the time when I foam roll and work on my mobility.

Mobility is defined as “ease of moving something” so when we talk about it, it implicates the mobility of the body and of its members. When doing mobility exercises, the body becomes more pliable and relaxed; it goes back in the neutral zone. Spending time to take care of your mobility will help recover from previous workouts.

I teach a lot of high intensity classes on a weekly basis. My favourite class is called mobility and foam rolling. I listen to my clients and help them focus on how to move more efficiently. The goal is to gain back control of their bodies and to get rid of some unwanted tension. At the end, people most often feel better.

Mobility classes can be specific to a sport or to everyday life. You can work and massage almost all of your muscles. It is fine to feel discomfort but it is really important to communicate with the teacher if you are experiencing some pain. Pain may be related to a misalignment or weakness which makes your body compensate. I suggest to investigate this further with the instructor after class, a certified exercise physiologist, a physiotherapist and or a sports doctor. You will benefit greatly if you have some private sessions with a coach. If this is out of the scope of their practice, a good coach will refer you to the right person.

It is important to work on your mobility on a daily basis in order for you to see its benefits i.e. Releasing unwanted tension and gaining some mobility that was previously lost. All you need is a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes every day.

I invite you to check out my schedule at the current locations that I am working at and hope you will join in on the fun of our classes. In the meanwhile, you can also do my favourite exercise which is the “ brettzel ” which is in the picture seen at the top of this blog. Do 5–10 breaths on each side and you will feel better in the long run.


Continuum Fitness

Published by: Veronique Roberts

Certified exercise physiologist, graduated from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics. Coaching individually and in groups setting. Passion for movement.

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